Early On

Photography for me was an accidental discovery, back in college I took a black and white film photography course, from there my passion for photography grew and snowballed into what I am today. Later on, I graduated in commercial photography program at Dawson College in 2008, that improved my knowledge of the technical aspect of photography. But that was only the beginning, in the journey to be a professional photographer it takes more than grasping the technical aspects of photography. I am always learning something new, every-time I take a photograph, time and practice makes you a better photographer.

Landscape Photography

I wasn’t always a landscape photographer, I was a general photographer dabbled in different genres of photography. Since 2015 I got more serious about landscape photography. I decided to give it my all and solely become a professional landscape photographer. It was and still is what to spoke to me the most, I finally felt that I was on the right track and knew what I wanted. Living in Montreal, Canada gives me great access to lots of nature. My goal is to eventually photograph all the parks in Quebec, Canada, and further. Canada is big, let alone the world, which would make this a lifetime goal.


For me, videography is an extension of photography, and the two go hand in hand. Since October 2016, I uploaded my first YouTube video, and from there I was documenting my landscape photography journey. All the ups and down when it comes to pursuing a career in landscape photography.